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Week- Long Workout Plan #2


Walk/ Run for 20 minutes


Find stairs and do 50 single leg step ups on EACH leg (if you do 49 your butt will be saggy)


Walk/ Run for 20 more minutes


ARM DAY: Find 2 weights (cans, milk jugs, wine bottles, etc) 2-3x through


15x Squat to Overhead Press
12x Overhead shoulder Press

12x Biceps Curls

12x Chest Press or Pushups

12x Triceps Extensions (skull crushers) or Bench dips

15x Low Rows (pull elbows back)

20x little arm circles, arms extended from shoulders (no weights) both fwd and bkwd


Focus Inward Day!

Do 15 squats to overhead reaches then lay on your back and relax.
Go through each part of your body, tense up for ~5 secs as hard as you can then relax and take a breath. (Foot squeeze, lower leg, thigh contraction, stomach, fist squeeze, arms, shoulders, face scrunch, etc).


Now relax for 10 slow and deep breaths.


It’s getting serious today.

Do it 3x:


1:00 Intense cardio (jacks, mt climbers, sprints, stairs, etc)

1:00 Crunches

1:00 Squats or Squat jumps

1:00 Plank with side to side foot taps outs or jumping jacks

1:00 Alternating Lunges


*Modify to 30 sec per exercise


  • LEG DAY- Use your weights: 2-3x through


  • 15x Wide Leg Squats

  • 15x Hold squat- Heel raises

  • 15x (ea leg) Lunges

  • 15x Speed Skater Lunges (cross leg behind, bend knees)

  • 15x Side to Side lunges. FLAT BACK, 1 leg stays straight.

  • 15x ea direction. Single Leg Hips Circles. Straight Leg

  • 15x Alt. Leg “Dunking Bird” FLAT BACK, bow fwd.


Walk/ Run 15 minutes


Try an online Exercise Video. (aka- Liz gets lazy with daily write ups)


-Body Weight Workout

-Step Workout

-Yoga (some really like it)

-Barre Class

-Tai Chi


CORE DAY : 2-3x through


12x ea. Crunch up, then same arm/ leg extension.

15x Hip Bridge hold w/ alt leg kickouts- SLOW

15x reverse crunch (hip rollup)

12x V-Sit Rotation- tall posture-side to side hip touch

12x Plank- alt hand side tap out

12x on belly- opp. arm/ leg lift

12x SLOW bicycle crunches

12x On back, bent knees, alt heel slaps

Print out workout here:

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