Outdoor Forever Fit- 
At the Osborn Covered Area
Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:00 - 11:00am starting June 23rd
(No classes July 24 - Aug 19th) 


Enjoy the fresh air as we continue our outdoor forever fit class, focusing on cardio, balance, core strength, and above all, maintaining good form throughout! Using bodyweight and bands, we'll challenge our stabilizing and supporting muscles as we maintain our overall fitness in this low impact class. 

No Cost for class, suggested donation $5 - $10
Online Forever Fit will resume Tuesdays on October 4th via zoom



Can't decide on just one class? No Problem! Give yourself the flexibility to drop into any class, anytime.


$100 for 10 Punches 

$80 for 10 Forever Fit Classes 



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Drop into any class for just $15

Drop in to Forever Fit just $10