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Meet Liz Ryen!
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I love thinking through movement patterns and the role each muscle plays within our body. With a degree in Exercise Science, I have been working as a full time certified Trainer since 2006. I look for asymmetries within people’s strength and mobility, then try to find the best exercises to help people decrease pain and restrictions so they can be stronger and more capable while doing the things they love.

When I’m not teaching, I take time off to challenge myself through biking, hiking, and climbing. I am almost always plotting adventures that make me question why I can’t just be happy taking a nap on a beach. Even though my brain tells me I want to sit still, movement brings me joy and sharing that joy with others is the most satisfying thing I can think of.


Wondering where I am? Yes, even I have a blog:

Flyin' Liz Ryen

I have plenty of workouts and classes online to keep you motivated any time, anywhere.

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